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Our services

IMPEL Digital provides data conversion services for edgarizing your document. EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering Analysis and Retrieval) is the filing system used by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to electronically receive all registrant filings that were earlier filed on paper.

Formatting the document layout as closely as possible to the original document
Formatting inconsistencies are corrected
Display pictures and graphics
Create 'active' navigation on the contents page
Revision marks (black lining) are added as necessary

Formatting the document lay out as closely as possible to the original document
Documents are converted to print image ASCII within the EDGAR formatting restrictions (80 characters wide for text and 132 characters for tabular)
Formatting inconsistencies are corrected

We can convert your EDGAR document back in to Word or any other typesetting format for printing.
      Verification & Quality Control

Proof Reading

All EDGAR material converted from electronic form is slug read (start and end of all paragraphs), tabular pages requiring redesign (i.e. breaking a table) are read word for word

EDGAR tagging verification

EDGAR tags are verified using the SEC's EDGAR Link Software


Proofs are normally produced on legal paper to accommodate the depth of typeset pages

Author's alterations

We make author's corrections to the EDGARized documents as required